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We at Solomon’s Landscape follow four simple rules that are the core of who we are.

They are:

  • People first - Take care of our people, they will take care of us.
  • Integrity - Always do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
  • Community - Helping each other, supporting each other and encouraging each other to become their best.
  • Leadership - Promoting and encouraging others to lead by example, act with integrity, go above and beyond. Brings others together to do the same.

Our philosophy is to ensure that our people are the most important part of our business. By taking care of our people, they will take care of us by caring for our clients and by providing exceptional service. We all benefit from this motto.  Because of this our standards are set high. We look for people with a good work ethic who are willing to get their hands dirty, someone who is a team player, has perseverance, or stamina, and one who is a good self starter. Experience is preferred, not required.

Our job takes us to many places throughout the area that requires work in all types of weather conditions, entails very physically demanding tasks, and long hours. Reliable transportation is required to show up on time. Our vision is to transform dreams into reality. We do this three fold. By helping others realize their dreams, helping our clients' realize their dreams, and our community by giving our time, money, and donations to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.  Our mission is to improve our community through beautiful landscapes that promote outdoor activities, community spirit and value to all.