Community Involvement

Habitat For Humanity Greenville SCWe have been working with Habitat of Humanity for the past several years and have really been able to see a difference in people’s lives!

What started out as an idea to volunteer many years ago, and then finally being able to follow through and actually be on a job site,  it was enjoyable. As time passed, and we became familiar with their model, it became a turning point for us. When we realized that this was not a hand out, but a hand up, we really became excited and energized to do more.

Although we have not realized our ultimate goal of sponsoring houses with habitat ,  we are continually giving through volunteer hours, and donations, we hope to be a part of Habitat of Humanity Greenville County for years to come.

At this time we would like to encourage you to consider volunteering for them,  whether on a build site, or even in the restores,  or even contributing to them to help make our community a better place for all.  You can reach them here.

We are also a proud sponsor of Turning Point SC, a men’s only group home to help the addicted get back up on their feet. They are also in the process of a women’s only facility.  We sponsor these other organizations below.